If God is omnipotent & perfect then why did God take 9 billion years (approximate) to create the first life form on Earth? Can’t he do it all at once?

For him 9 billion is less than smallest number imaginable for us. How?

He got eternal life. He is out of time bounds.

You think if he did it in 1 second it would be better .. why because you think 1 second is small amount of time .. how is it small … relative to your life span and everything you got..

Let’s calculate how much fraction of time God took… out of his life lol..

9 billion divided by infinity…. It’s next to nothing…

So he took absolutely almost no time at all to do it.. we arw just too small with respect to that…

Also… he did what he wanted. May be he didn’t plan.. he just did what he liked when he liked.. what make you think everything is just for u?

We are part of an immensely large system … a negligible part.

Our ego make us believe that we are important. Life had existed for so long .. humans are new… I have seen humans ask this same questions why didn’t God made humans in begining why couldn’t he do it..

Question is not why he couldn’t

Question is not even why he did the way he did.

We are no one to question the time line.

We are mere characters for extremely little time of a divine infinetly long play.

If he did create universe in one go and humans in first second.. just think how would we progress as society? World is wonderful we are asking it to be boring!!!! No I won’t like that.

Also if he did that we might have asked why did he do like this why not create a prequel to that.. … we must have been like that movie Jason Bourne but without any possible answer about what the hell is going on. …

Also may be he did that exactly that.. what you asking like schrodinger (I hope I spell it correct) said consiousness shapes the universe…

Everything we see and do is just a fiction a smart universe made in an instant but with properties which make us believe it’s 9 billion years old…..

There is also a statement in philosophy.. I think therefore I am.. you can’t prove existence of anything else… you might be only consious thing in a system like (in movie) matrix made to believe that everything else exists…

So hell no we are no one to answer that yet.. at least not yet. We don’t even deserve to question why he did what he did. It’s his wish.. that’s all the answer you will get..

PS all above scenarious don’t means I believe in all those. If we talking about God (believers) there is an exact scientifically trustable story about how everything happened. Explained in religious books. You just need to find true religious books from the mythological ones.

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