Which weather is best for muscle building?

Which weather is best for muscle building?

You mean winters like this? or summers like this?
Your winter is someones summer and your summer is someones winter (well in most cases)
I have worked out in almost all kind of weathers. Here is what I have felt in regards to results and ease and comfort of workout.

Ideal weather for workout is the one in which you don’t have to drink water again and again to remain hydrated. (unless you are advanced enough to squeeze out every drop of water in your body by sweating. but you still need to think about hydration.

Why is such weather best according to me?
many reasons

Summers cons first..

  • You dont have to worry about a lot of warmup or dehydration.
  • I have seen that in extreme summers we are unable to eat enough and recover properly.
  • Sweat manytimes interfers in grip and other activities.
  • Working indoors in AC is not very good idea (not the best at least)
Summers Pros
  • If you do a little warmup thats enough. just get synovial fluid going.
  • NO worry of dangling clothes
  • No worry of body getting cooled down if you get a little extra rest of body (even though unavoidable-which sometimes happens)

Extreme Winters Cons

  • Warmup and cool down is a major issue
  • dangling clothes if you workout in open environment (not centrally heated) again note that working in closed indoors is not the best way to workout.
  • Hassle of washing clothes later on (oops)
  • Drinking water is sometimes problematic especially if you dont have hot water bottle.
  • Have to take exactly calculated rests so that body don’t cool down too much
  • For Beginners and Intermediates Warmup is enough of a workout.
  • Hard for people with joint problems
  • Getting out of bed/blanket/home. (even for advanced people this is a problem bed is the best lover especially in winters)
  • Stretching etc is really hard when muscles are cold.
  • Although above problems seems trivial but Trust me these matter when compared to ideal temperatures.

    Extreme winter Pros

    READ SUMMER CONS and reverse them.

    Now it seems winters are better. Hell yeah they are better but not extreme sub zero ones.

    Best temperatures to workout For me personally have been almost nearby 10 to 18 degrees. If you workout hard enough you sweat. but not too much.
    You don’t have to do humongous warmup. It solves all cons of above both. I personally love these temperatures as I can wear what i want live the way i want and workout the way i want. You get enough hunger (summers cause loss of hunger many times). You get good sleep without worrying about blankets and Cooling requirements (you might think that’s standard facility but not for 90% of world population)

    What works for you? Comment and let us know!

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