I think people who believe in God are fools. Am I right in believing so?

No you are not right. Why? Consequences…

  1. Most people are good only because they believe in God.
  2. Religion is man made and is not believing in God (so you can’t say belief in God is cause of wars)

Another way to think.

Believing in something is never foolish if it works for betterment. It’s better than non believing. In many ways.

If there is no proof that god exist why should I not live my

Here is one article (well it’s different from other similar give it a try)

Also is foolish not to believe in god according to this extremely different definition

A unique perspective at god which is irrefutable and non deniable.

Coming back to point. Belief in something is not foolish unless it costs you something more than it gives you and society. We grow as society. Don’t be selfish.

Also there is different between believing and knowing. What you say is just belief is known truth for many.

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