Intermediate Strength and Hypertropy workout schedule

Finding a perfect workout schedule is one of hardest things now a days. If we find one we need to switch it often. So we need a lot of workout schedules which fit our need and does work also.

I have been working out for almost a year now(continuously). Although I have 5+ years of experience in workout but that’s the time period I am doing it almost continuously. And for sometime i am feeling like intermediate workout person. Although I have followed tougher and simpler routines since last few months. This time I am changing my schedule to find a rather not so common schedule and break the rule!

What I plan is rather not easily acceptable but I have my own reasons (totally justified) 
I am planning to follow this workout schedule now.

Day 1:
Bench Press
Incline Press (switch between dumbell and barbell every alternate session)
Dumbell Fly (Incline)
Machine Flys
(I would prefer decline press or parallel bar dips but I dont have all equipment at home)

Dumbell Shoulder Press
Dumbell Side Raise
Reverse Flys/Machine Reverse Flys (alternate in each session)

Close Grip B Press/ Lying Tricep extensions (later isolates tricep better )
Cable Rope Pushdowns
Cable Pushdowns

Day 2:

Chin Ups/ Pull Downs (superset)
Close Grip Chin Ups/ Close grip pull downs (superset)
Barbell Row
Dumbell Rows

Bar Curls
Incline Dumbell Curls
Hammer Curls
Rev Preacher Curls

Forearm Curls

Windshield Wipers

Day 3:
Dead Lifts
Hyper Extensions
Calf Raises

Day 4:
Barbell Lunges/Dumbell Lunges
Hip thrust
Leg extensions
Leg curls

Forearm Curls
Forearm reverse Curls

Abs Cable Pull down
Windshield Wipers

I have opted for lesser excercises on specific days and more on other days. Depending on total volume to be lifted on those days and Number of Total Muscles worked out.

I will keep posted about how it worked out for me.

Meanwhile keep commenting and give your views of how it workout for you.

Positive Criticision is always welcome.
Haters always have said to me why you doing this but later they have always asked how i did it.

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