Push Pull and Legs Schedule with PICK DAY

As we all know finding a workout schedule is one of the hardest things to do. Anyone can go in gym and start lifting weights, but getting results is entirely different thing.
Push Pull split is one of the oldest yet favoured schedules among fitness freaks, bodybulders, strength trainers and who not!

But i have noticed that some of the excercises are too much to ask for in these splits. Like Doing Heavy deadlifts and barbell rows on same day of pull is too much load on back !!! especially if you love to challenge yourself.

So I did a simple change in the said schedule and am getting good results!!!
Check it Out!!

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16Jan 2018 LEG WORKOUT Partial Back with Bang Workout.

Back with boom

After almost one month of lazy life style and no workout This is how i came back in form. 

Lost almost 20% strength but thats how it goes up or down. never stays the same.

Intermediate Strength and Hypertropy workout schedule

Finding a perfect workout schedule is one of hardest things now a days. If we find one we need to switch it often. So we need a lot of workout schedules which fit our need and does work also.

I have been working out for almost a year now(continuously). Although I have 5+ years of experience in workout but that's the time period I am doing it almost continuously. And for sometime i am feeling like intermediate workout person. Although I have followed tougher and simpler routines since last few months. This time I am changing my schedule to find a rather not so common schedule and break the rule!

What I plan is rather not easily acceptable but I have my own reasons (totally justified) 
I am planning to follow this workout schedule now.

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