A unique perspective at god which atheists are afraid of.

Who is God? Does god even exist? why should i care if God exist? Why cant we prove that god exist?

Atheists have always been around as long as religion and concept of God is around. Atheists have been pushing their ideas up the nose of theists no less then theists have been pushing their ideas up the atheists and people form other religion.
But neither side seem to have won the argument.
Here is a fresh brand new perspective which no one can deny (except the hard core theists who take their books literally and are therefore the cause of atheists major frustration) except those atheists who will use arguments from the same books to disprove. But what you are about to see don’t depend on those arguments and hence is non deniable.
I will be writing another post soon to tell what is the problem with atheists arguments where they prove God is impossible to exist.
Lets get to the point.
First point is the definition of God.
There is no denying that some ultimate force exists which pushed the creation (start) of universe. Lets say for once I SAY THAT FORCE IS CALLED GOD!!!
Well now you will say that don’t comply with the books and stories.
Point of the discussion was is there a perspective which no religion or common people have completely.

Now that dont fully satisfy anyone. Questions remain lurking in minds about what about all those gods and stories and creation and everything.
Lets see what we can do about it.

Everything have a reason. When we ask scientifically why something happens we try to give explanation but we cant really answer why. we can either answer how something happens and under what rules it happens.
But we can never say why it happens.
Lets talk about a simple question
why does apple fall?
Gravity pulls it
why does gravity pull?
because of universal law of gravity(well actually before formation of this law things used to pull) still lets for the sake of argument consider this
Why does universal law of gravity exist/work the way it does?
we can keep questioning and getting answers until we reach the string theory multiverse theory and so on. but we will never be able to answer that one final why which ends all this questioning.
There must be one reason /a force/ a being/ an ultimate reason for whatever happens.
I name that one to be GOD.

yes yes i can hear thats what people have been doing for eons putting blame of everyhting we dont understand on god. but no thats not what i am doing. When scientists will calculate the theory of everything and the reason being that and the ultimate reason and then they will name it according to them …. I already name it GOD. thats what god is…
End of discussion.
But if you want to read more arguments and details of this idea keep going.

Now I can hear people screaming that not even close to the definition of god.
I can understand your dilemma. So here is a basic but very simple explanation. (I agree it font fully answer the question but it shows you a new way of thinking. In which its possible that God does exist and provide a new way to think about God.

  1. God is defined as all powerful (the way i defined that force or whatever you call it ) being the reason for everything is the ultimate power.
  2. If we creation of nature can develop consciousness of this level why cant the main core reason of nature have consciousness of some type (probably beyond our grasp considering today’s knowledge?).
  3. Even if we dont agree with 2. That ultimate why (which i say god) have rules (like some rule which created gravity) which shows how to change (like probability at quantum level) to effect the reality in ways which normally cant be processed.
  4. Now those ways might have multiple methodologies (like instead of gravity we can use EMF to pull and push and other forces also which act at different sizes which were not perceivable in previous times like strong force which was unknown during most of science history) and those methodologies can change a few realities in ways which are not physically possible.
  5. an example of above could be change in probability (when opening) schroedinger,s cat box.
  6. Thus leading to something which science is yet to comprehend.

Now I have put to rest the arguments which claim an ultimate being is looking and have consciousness like we humans do.

I have put to rest the books which claim excessively impossible claims.

All i say is that the ultimate why (the Theory of everything’s creator/answer is GOD)

now creator and answer have completely different meanings till now.

its because this concept have never been introduced to the world.

Just like both alive and dead at same time was impossible to comprehend before schroedinger. But if you can just think of a word which can replace this dichotomy (creator/answer) then you have answer to what GOD IS ACCORDING TO THIS DEFINITION AND IS THUS IRREFUTABLE.

Now i can hear atheists screaming that this don’t comply with those books and so on… its just their frustration because the reasons they used to disprove something don’t even exist in this theory.
To read my article on how those theories of aesthetes which prove that god don’t exist based on those books (religious texts) please wait a few days. You will see the link here soon.

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